Southwest Home Education Ministry


Dear SHEM Family,

The beauty of homeschooling is that we can adapt our methods to fit our needs. Anyone who has homeschooled for a while knows that change is inevitable. This is not only true for each family but the homeschool community as a whole.

The last few years have seen dramatic changes in homeschool organizations, most notably in conventions across the country. Attendance has dropped, and vendor sales are down. Busy families are turning to other resources to meet their needs. Bloggers have satisfied the needs once filled by speakers. Online shopping delivers curriculum without ever leaving the house.

SHEM has felt the effects of these changes also. We have adapted to the ever changing needs as best we could for as long as we could. Like many conventions, we cannot continue to operate at a loss. Both attendance and volunteerism are falling in all services and activities offered by SHEM.

It is for these reasons and others that after much prayer, brainstorming and consideration, the Board of Directors has unanimously come to the difficult decision that the time for SHEM has come to an end.

For many of us, SHEM has been a part of our family that has seen our children from K-graduation. Like the passing of a family member, we know that SHEM will be missed, but the impact of this ministry will be felt for generations to come.

THANK YOU! We appreciate the love and support you have offered over the years.

In His Service,
Your SHEM Board:
Brian & Teri Shepard
Brad & Michelle Givler
Bruce & Brenda Beadles
Dustin & Melanie Bush