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Graduation FAQs

Are there any planning or informational meeting for the parents and/or their graduate to attend?

No, all of the planning has been done for you. We’ve streamlined the process so that all you have to do is attend rehearsal the night before graduation, and you’ll be ready.

What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee covers the graduation ceremony, including the facility, speaker, orchestra, programs, caps and gowns, and diploma.

Who will be the speaker at the graduation?

We typically invite the featured speaker of the Southwest Missouri Home Education Convention to deliver the graduation address.

Who presents the diploma to the graduates?

The parents of the graduates present the diplomas and are encouraged to say a few words commemorating the event. One or both parents may speak.

What does the cap and gown and diploma look like?

The cap, gown and diploma are traditional graduation pieces. Since this is a formal event, the pieces also follow suit.

Does SHEM sponsor a reception following the ceremony?

No, all space at the Expo Center SHEM has contracted for is being utilized for the convention. We have set the beginning time of the graduation ceremony such that there should be time afterwards for you to host your own private reception at a location of your choice.

May I keep my cap and gown?

Yes, the cap and gown is yours to keep.

When will I receive my cap and gown?

If you want to obtain your cap and gown prior to the rehearsal, you may do so by contacting the coordinator and making arrangements to pick it up.


4 thoughts on “Graduation FAQs

  1. Heidi miller

    What are the requirements to be a part of the graduation and is there still time to be a part of the ceremony?

    Thank you

    1. Dustin Bush

      Thank you Heidi for your question! You do still have time for registering for Graduation. All the information you need is located on the link above for graduation. You can also email if you have any additional questions.

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