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Withdraw From Public School

Upon making the decision to remove your child from the public school system, you will need to provide the school superintendent with a withdraw letter to break the bond between the district and your child so that they are no longer under the school’s jurisdiction.

Below is an example of the wording that may be used.

“September 1, —-,

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. Superintendent,

Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 167.031 (RSMo), we are withdrawing our child/children, Jane Doe/John Doe, from the Your Town Public School District. This letter is effective immediately.


Your Name
Your Spouses Name”

Additional information is not required past this point. The letter should be delivered in a manner that provides acknowledgement of receipt.

1. The letter may be hand delivered directly to the school’s superintendent. Have the school sign, date and provide a photocopy of the letter.

2. The letter may be sent by certified mail with a return receipt requested.

Both options provide the school and the parent with assurance that the child is no longer enrolled in the public school.

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