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Record Keeping and Time Management

Record Keeping:

A few suggestions for record keeping:

Read about keeping records at User Friendly Records.

There are record-keeping journals available from general homeschooling suppliers, such as Mardels and CBD. Also, there are computer programs such as Edu-Track Home School and Homeschool Trackerwhich make planning and record keeping easy.

Time Management:

Homeschooling is at least equivalent to a part-time job. Be prepared to sacrifice other activities on your schedule in order to have the time necessary to fulfill your homeschooling responsibilities.

Distribute chores among family members so that everyone is pitching in.

Maintain discipline for both parents and children. Establish routines.

Be flexible. Don’t get locked into doing something the same way if it’s not working. Don’t be afraid to change or modify.

Don’t over-commit to extracurricular activities.

Every family is unique. Don’t worry if your family’s homeschool doesn’t look like another family’s.

Homeschooling is not always easy. If you establish your motivations, it will be easier to see the big picture, determine to stand firm in your convictions, and get through difficult times.

Homeschooling provides a great opportunity for family members to spend quality time together. Take advantage of these times to strengthen your family ties.


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